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Make Healthy School Lunches a Family Affair

Make Healthy School Lunches a Family Affair

We like to try and share home cooking tips that help make your busy lives a little less hectic, whilst also ensuring that our families are enjoying healthy, wholesome and nourishing meals.

Now that school is back and the academic year is in full swing, a good area to start is the children’s school lunch box, that perennial void we’re faced with each morning – and usually while we’re under enormous time pressures as we crawl around trying to find little Amy’s left school shoe and little Billy’s wayward pencil case.

We know that the constant juggling of a myriad chores and tasks sometimes has us turning to costly and mostly unhealthy processed and takeaway options but it doesn’t have to be that way…

It takes a bit of discipline, but if we can stop for a minute and put a little planning into our lives, half the battle is already won.

Why not get into a routine of making a hearty batch of pies, pasties, pinwheels and sausage rolls at the end of the weekend – after all, what kid doesn’t like a pinwheel or a sausage roll? – and bung them in the freezer.

You can make sure the little ones are getting their fibre and something they love by using our Spelt wholemeal puff pastry in the baking. Then again, if it’s a lower GI option you’re after, there’s our 100 per cent Spelt wholemeal shortcrust pastry.

Here are a couple of quick, easy and scrumptious recipes that are sure to make your kids – or at least their lunch boxes – the envy of the school playground.

A word of advice, though…don’t be too rigid with the recipes; rather allow your creative juices to flow and explore a little, be a tad adventurous. It’s always a good idea to go for veggies that are in season – particularly if they happen to be among your kiddies’ favourites – as they are not only fresher, tastier and healthier but you’ll find that they’re also a fair bit cheaper.

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