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If you’re looking for a premium pastry product to save you time with your mise en place, look no further than Carême. We use all-natural ingredients to create a range of butter puff pastry and shortcrust pastry that your customers will love.

Premium pastry for foodservice

At Carême, we know the food you serve your clientele is crucial to your ongoing success and personal reputation. We understand your need for a high-quality, consistent product that allows you to create hero dishes that work perfectly, every time you make them.

Why choose premium pastry?

There’s a common industry misconception that using premium, quality pastry costs more per serve.

While it’s true you’re paying more per sheet or roll for Carême than a mass-produced pastry, you get twice the lift from just one sheet than you would get with two to three sheets of any other commercial puff pastry product. When you break it down and do the maths, there is little difference between the two, as you need less product to get a better, more flavoursome result!

Additionally, our handmade, ready-to-use pastry is just as good as homemade, so your customers won’t have any idea that you didn’t labour over it yourself.

Your customers will thank you! A quality, artisan pastry used in your dishes will make all the difference to your customer’s eating experience – the enhanced flavour and lift will have them coming back time and time again, which will only work to improve your professional reputation.

Save yourself time and money

Using a quality pastry saves you time and money through reduced labour costs and using less product overall – check out our portion costs chart and discover the time and cost savings you can gain by using a premium pastry product over mass-produced, generic products.

Download the Carême portion costs chart

Alastair McLeod

We pretty much make everything from scratch at Al'FreshCo Catering... but we leave the butter puff pastry making to the superstars - Carême Pastry. Alastair McLeod at Al'FreshCo Catering