Tomato Tart - Carême Pastry

Tomato Tart

The last of the tomatoes…

Over the last two months we have invariably had a bowl of luscious ripe tomatoes on the kitchen bench. So tomatoes have featured rather prominently at family meal times. In looking for some recipe inspiration I visited two of my favourite bloggers, David Lebovitz and Clotilde Dusoulier who writes the the wonderful Chocolate & Zucchini blog. Clotilde has a tomato and mustard tart in her French Market Cookbook that took my fancy, and then I found a variation over at DL’s blog. So this is my interpretation of the theme, instead of topping with goat cheese I chose to serve alongside a little bowl of goat curd jazzed up with garlic, lemon and herbs. The addition of the bread crumbs soaks up the tomato juices preventing the pastry from going soggy. The Dijon mustard adds just a hint of flavour so don’t be afraid to feed it to the children!

This tart needs nothing more than a simple salad dressed with a French vinaigrette. For us that means a small clove of garlic crushed with some salt, a teaspoon of mustard mixed with a splash of white wine vinegar then whisk in some extra virgin olive oil.

The end of the tomato season is nigh so make the most of them – for us it also means getting together with friends to make stocks of passata to see us through the cold months.

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